We accept any color for dyeing. Dying fee which depends on material, width, and quantity.

Please let us know as following information by sending an e-mail to

  1. Product name
  2. Product No.
  3. Inquired quantity
  4. Color ( you may send your color sample to us or our color that you choose )

–The width and length of the lace is reduced after lace dyeing. (The rate of reduction is different depending on whether the lace is piece-dyed or yarn-dyed.)
–Dyeing charge depends on lace and quantity.

–Color confirmation. We send you colored lace swatch after lace dyed for confirmation. (not avaiable for small quantity of order).
–Color Fastness depends on material. Generally, we have never this problem over 50years.

–Dyeing process starts after our confirmed your payment. Please note that we do not accept any return of dyed products. (You should have color confirmation)

Dyeing and Finishing

(1) Yarn Dyeing

This is a process to prepare (singe, remove starch, and refine) the lace fabric (the original fabric) produced by a lace factory for dyeing process. According to the designated color sample, beakers (data on various dye blends) are taken to find optimal blend. As dyes, reactive dyes or dispersive dyes are used according to the material. The lace fabric is put into the dyeing pot and dyed at the blending ratio determined by the beaker. The size of the dyeing pots varies with the material. For embroidered lace, the pot size ranges from 4 to 100 rolls* of original (lace) fabric. Once dyed, the lace fabric goes through a tenter, undergoes non-formalin resin treatment, then is carefully inspected, packed, and finally shipped.

(2) Piece-Dyeing (Dyeing original fabrics)

A roll includes a few dozen courses (the number depends on the pattern) of 14 m or 19.5 m of narrow lace. The roll is dyed, set, and then cut.

(3) Dyeing finising article-dyeing of narrow lace

Narrow lace is usually in full width. After it is finished, it is cut into the product size. Since it is stocked and inventoried in cut form, narrow lace is piece-dyed in ordered quantity as necessary. As a preparatory process, it is reeled by color, put into the pot and dyed.
As dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes, etc. are used according to the material. The lace is dyed as designated by the color sample and checked for color matching. (You can not match colors if small quantity).
After it is checked for color, the dyed lace is treated for dye-fixing, dried and manually ironed, packed and shipped. For some colors, in particular such colors as red, dark blue, black, brown, the dye fastness reduces after dyeing.

  Piece-dyed narrow roll   Piece-dyed narrow roll