Cotton Lace

Edging, Eyelet, Insertion, Cut work and etc. It is embroidered high quality Japanese cotton fabric with various types of cotton lace.


Our guipure is luxurious lace which is done by embroidering a pattern on a high quality sacrificial fabric that has been chemically treated so as to disintegrate after the pattern has been created by high technical system.

Tulle Lace

Embroidered on Japanese finest tulle net which can be used any types of fashion scene.

Torchon Lace

It is very useful and popular item.

Raschel Lace

It looks Leavers lace as delicate, but, it is made by Raschel knitting machine for mass production. Price is reasonable.

Leavers lace

It is the newest products for considered of environment and nature.

Collar and Motif

It makes more gorgeous.

Lace for handicraft

It is very useful and not only for hobby, but, also for apparel producer.


 Chrystal and Trimming

Rhinestone banding

It is the newest fashion parts. Full cut crystal is set by brass with mesh net one by one. It makes gorgeous and trendy also it is useful any material for costume jewelry, handbag, shoes and apparel.

Glass beads trimming

It is 100% Kuboriki Lace original item. It is made of seeds beads or glass beads or full cut crystal on ribbon. It looks put jewelry on.



It is fancy trimming with Parisian and Italian taste. It is designed and hand made in France & Italy.

Lace with Gem Stone

Lace is finest Japanese made ( Kuboriki Lace Co., Ltd. ) and put full cut crystal on lace one by one in Czech Republic. It can be dyed.

Rhinestone chain

It is popular item with unique color variation.


Hundreds of designs with competitive price.